Torres Residence
1027 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO
Completed 2010

The Torres project is an excellent example of "Adaptive Reuse" consisting of restoring and adapting an existing commercial building on East Colfax to create a whole new residential experience. This particular project was also an adaptation of the typical architectural/construction set-up. CGDB approaches all projects as "Complex Adaptive Systems" or what we call
"Complex Adaptive Architure" and the Torres Residence is a wonderfull example of this.
The client found the building and had the vision. Jeff Belsick worked with Alex to producethe starting design for how to transform this structure into the home Alex invisioned while working with Ted Shultz, A4A. After leaving A4A Jeff continued to work with the client and that is when CGDB was brought into the fold. As a team we worked to gether to adapt design ideas to the "wishes" of the structure.

Many Architectural elements were developed, designed, engineered and created as construction preceeded and as the building provided design challanges and recyclable/reusable materials, the oldest form of "green" construction.

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2nd Level & Master Suite
Custom Pivot Entry "Door Within a Door"
Main Level & Kitchen
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Other Spaces and Misc. Architectural Features
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